Annette C, Tulsa OK
“My name’s Annette and I’m a Domestic Engineer in Tulsa, OK. I’ve been a member of PGP for about 3 months now and love it! I recently won the September drawing of $250 from PGP and my total earnings are up to $1000... My whole family is addicted to PGP and you will be too! Thanks Paid Game Player Team!”    click here for audio

Marcus W, Salem NC
“WOW! Is it fate or just blind luck? I am having the thrill of a lifetime. Just about every day now, I log on and see I have an email from Paid Game Player. When I see that email I start going crazy because I just know I won something. It is so amazing! I can’t wait till tomorrow just to see if I won again. Thanks so much Paid Game Player. Thanks for being exactly what you said you were... Exciting and Fulfilling!"    click here for audio

Julie N. Loveland, CO
"I just want you to know and everybody else that you have an awesome site and I wouldn't change it for the world! The prizes I am winning are awesome and I'll keep playing and reviewing as long as I keep winning. And I'm getting to try out some pretty cool games too...Keep up the good work"    click here for audio

Windy M. Chiefland, FL
“I think that paid game player is one of the best sites I have come across in along time … you have chances to win all sorts of things on this site. I have won twice already and I think it is great. I was so excited when I checked my emails and so a letter from paid game player that said congratulations you have won. I was so excited that I called my mom and told her. I am one of those people that feel like I don't have any luck when it comes to winning things, but I did with paid game player. I tell everyone I know about this site, and will promote to anyone that I know. Thank you Paid Game Player.”

Amy P. Missoula, MT
“Just want to say thank you! I've never known anyplace that did so much to make sure I got the money I won.”

Melissa Black Layton, UT
“Thanks! I have only been a member for two weeks now and not only have I had a blast but I have also won some cash! The games I have been able to download and play have been full versions of the most popular out as well as the classics I love! I have two daughters who love to sit and play them with me and now they ask every day what new ones I have downloaded! I am so glad I joined your site!”   Click here for video

Douglass S. Mansfiled, PA
“This site is awesome! I won on my very first day, and I look forward to continued success!”

Katerina L. Dallas, TX
"I think the PaidGamePlayer site is a GREAT place! I love the games, I love the prizes. I’ve won the daily prize a couple of times now…I would advise anyone to JOIN and be a member."   Click here for Audio

Taija S. Australia
" I never thought an Aussie could win on these sorts of sites. I mainly joined to trial the games and I thought that if I had a chance I would enter the drawings. I decided to put a big chunk of my points into the daily draws - after all they were just accumulating and sitting there doing nothing... what a thrill when I found out that I won!! And since then - I've won three times already! I can now put that money into purchasing some of the great games I have found on this site, and it helps having just a little bit of real cash in my account. My advice is just have a go at the games - even if you don't like it after 5 minutes, you can still review and earn more points. If someone on the other side of the world can win - anyone can! Thank you PaidGamePlayer team!”

Don B. Hialeah, FL
"Thanks again, so much. It couldn't have come at a better time for me in my life, and I mean that! Thank you.”

Marilyn A. USA
"Hi My name is Marilyn and I just wanted to say my experience with the Paid Game Player site has been great. They've got all my favorite games and then some. The people on the support team are great and they respond quickly. If they can help and oldster like me, and if I can go to the site and find lots of stuff to do and see, the younger set should really enjoy the Paid Game Player site. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a great game site.”

Julie H. Sydney, Australia
"When I joined Paid Game Player I figured yeah it would be like all the other game sites jeez was I wrong. Being able to download the trial games and then Paid Game Player wanting my opinion on what I thought of each game I tried was great I have tested over 150 games and keep coming back for more. Also all the Competitions & the Tournaments they have running you just don't want to log of. And you also get the chance to become a Game Tester, so now ever time I want to play games I just log onto my favorite site and that's PAID GAME PLAYER, so anyone wanting fun and enjoyment my advice join up and start playing.”

MaryAnne P. Ocala, FL
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Carl B. Mansfield, PA
"This site has given me something to do in my free time and a reason (well, more of a reason) to play games. I enjoy winning, even if it's only $10.00 here and there, but that's $10.00 I didn't have. Free money or playing free games, I couldn't ask for more. I'm glad that I've joined and haven't even been a member for a week and still won a small prize."

Deb O. Three Lakes, WI
"Absolutely fabulous site…I've done two different offers to get FREE Games…I've received $100 in gift certificates and $10 in cash…it's a wonderful site."   Click here for video

Tabitha G. Texline, TX
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